Artist Eric Jensen standing in front of chalk drawings he's made

Artist's Bio

Eric Jensen studied architecture and advertising art at University of Oregon, then later, wood sculpting under a master on the island of Bali. His work can be seen at Ilchee Plaza in Vancouver and in private homes and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. He lives with his pound pup, Cha Cha, on a quirky, handmade houseboat in the countryside near Scapoose.


Ceramic rose in hands of student with Parkinson's disease

Art Instruction

I have been teaching art for several years to students of all ages. I usually teach small groups, but I've also taught individually. My students have included young cancer patients, autistic spectrum students, at-risk students, students who have dropped out, elderly students with disabilities, and Job Corp trainees. I always teach things that I can do pretty well, which enables me to both demonstrate and explain art process at the same time. If you are interested in hosting classes at your organization, please call 503-543-5495 for more information and rates.

Contact Eric


ejensen ~at~ opusnet ~dot~ com